St. James Parish School of Religion 

Pastoral Staff:

Father Marvin Volk    [email protected]    618-476-3513

Director: Courtney Hasenstab    [email protected]    618-803-5293


Stephanie Herling -First Reconciliation and First Communion

Mary Besse-Confirmation

Grade Levels:

K & Grade 1          Miss. Savannah Sonnenfeld

Grade 2                 Mrs. Stephanie Herling

Grade 3                 Miss. Corryn Hasenstab

Grade 4                 

Grade 5                 Mrs. Joan Sharf

Grade 6                 Mrs. Leah Walker

Grade 7                 Mr. Dan Gerteisen  

Grade 8                 Mrs. Mary Besse  

PSR classes are in session from 6:20-7:30 p.m. every Tuesday during the school year in the school year.

Refer to cancellations in the bulletin, on the website, or on our Facebook page.

Tuition $110.00 per student + $20 book fee. *2 or more students is $220.00 but each student requires a $20 book fee*